The program for this conference is available via the following link.
EBHS 2021 Program (updated May 20)

The latest full version with Zoom links and emails

A full version with full Zoom links, room passcode and participant email addresses is available here. This and the passcode will be sent to registered participants by email. Password/passcode for the Zoom rooms and this program version are the same.

Final edits

  • 5/14/21 Added missing chair emails
  • 5/17/21 Added and fixed names, emails and affiliations
  • 5/17/21 Claude Diebolt (joint keynote with Michael Haupert) cannot participate due to CNRS schedule
  • 5/17/21 Removed some cancelled papers, moved a paper, fixed keynote room number to 5 (Zoom links were and are correct)
  • 5/19/21 Added a co-author, fixed emails
  • 5/19/21 Moved a paper, changed the chair of Session 9 Room 2 Taxation and Economy
  • 5/19/21 Added Awards Ceremony for Friday (12:00 PM Eastern)
  • 5/20/21 Changed a paper title

Time Zones in the Program

Eastern time (UTC -4): E.g., New York, Montréal

European time (UTC +2): E.g., Paris, Brussels

Asian time (UTC +8): E.g., Beijing, Perth