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Matthews, Jeffrey J., Universily of Puget Sound
Matthews, Jeffrey J., University of Puget Sound
Mazzoleni, Roberto, Hofstra University
Mazzoleni, Roberto, Hofitra University
Mc Avoy, Michael, State University of New York College at Oneonta
McFerrin, Randy, New Mexico State University
Meskill, David, Harvard University
Mierzejewski, Alfred C., University ofNorth Texas
Miller, John W., University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Mirghasemi, Soudeh, Hofstra University
Mitchell, Matthew David, University of Pennsylvania
Moore, John A., Finance and Economics Department Walsh College
Moore, John, Walsh College
Moore, John, Northwood University (United States)
Moreira, Maria Cristina, Universidade do Minho, NEEII, Portugal
Moyer, Karyn Lyn, Hartwick College Broome Community College
Muller, H. Reed, Salisbury State University
Mutz, Mathias, Department of History Humboldt University Berlin


Namorato, Michael V., University of Mississippi
Namorato (ed.), Michael V., University of Mississippi
Namorato (ed.), Michael V.
Nilsson, Anders, Department of Economic History Lund University
Noraian, Monica Cousins, Illinois State University


O'Connell, Sean, University of Ulster
O'Donnell, James M., Huntington College

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