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Fauve-Chamoux, Antoinette, University of the Western Cape, Statistics and Population Studies Department, Bellville, Republic of South Africa and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Centre de Recherches Historiques, Paris
Fellman, Susanna, Unit for Economic History, University of Gothenburg
Fishback, Price, University of Arizona
Flaherty, Jane, Texas A&M University
Forbes, Neil, Coventry University
Formasin, Alessio, Department of Economics, University of Udine
Furman, Jeffrey L., Boston University & NBER


Galambos, Lou, Johns Hopkins University
Galambos, Louis, Johns Hopkins University
Gardner, Mark L., Piedmont College
Gary, Kathryn, Department of Economic History, Lund University
Gatch, Loren, University of Central Oklahoma
Gatch, Loren, Department of Political Science University of Central Oklahoma (United States)
Gélinas, Patrice, School of Administrative Studies York University
Geloso, Vincent, This paper tackles the issue of the institutional decisions made by the British when they conquered the French colony of Quebec in 1760 by examining why toleration was the chosen policy course. Past experiences and the dire state of British public finances pushed the British government to adopt toleration of Catholics and of French legal institution in the colony as a policy designed to preserve the empire financially and strategically.
Geloso, Vincent, London School of Economics Department of Economic History
Giedeman, Daniel C., Grand Valley State University
Glende, Philip M., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Green, George, University of Minnesota
Gregg, Matthew T., Grinnell College
Gruver, William R., Bucknell University
Gunderson, Ralp O., University of Wisconsin — Oshkosh


Haage, Helena, Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Centre for Demographic and Ageing Research (CEDAR) Umeå University
Haggerty, John, Nottingham Trent University
Haggerty, Sheryllynne, University of Nottingham

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