Vol 35 (2017)

In Press 2017: Essays in Economic & Business History

Table of Contents


Have Postwar Fiscal Stimulus Policies Met the “Timely, Targeted, and Temporary” Principle? PDF
Jason E. Taylor, Andrea O'Sullivan
Pro Bono Publico? Demand for Military Spending Between the World Wars PDF
Jari Eloranta
Did Raw Material Shortages Decide World War Two? New Data for the Example of Nazi Rubber Supplies PDF
Paul Ferdinand Schmelzing
Caught in the Headlights: Revising the Road Kill Hypothesis of Antebellum Illinois Bank Failures PDF
Scott Clayman, Scott Deacle, Andrew Economopoulos
Returns in the Western Range Cattle Industry: Reconstructing the Financial History of the Matador Land and Cattle Company, 1883-1920 PDF
Mary Jo Billiot, Randy McFerrin, Douglas Wills

ISSN: 0896-226X