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EBHS 2014 Paper Proposals

The Stabilising Effects of the Dingley Tariff and the Recovery from the 1890s Depression in the United States
Peter H. Bent
Drink the deadliest of foes; The UK State Management Scheme 1916-74 an experiment in state sponsored virtue and moderation.
Philip Arthur Talbot
Managing technological change in Hong Kong’s retail banking (1945-2005)
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, Andrew Smith
The Sons of Dragon: A Myth
Der-Yuan Yang, Chih-hsing Hung
Confronting Decline: The Political Economy of Deindustrialization in Twentieth-Century New England
David Koistinen
Joining the World: The United States, Europe and the Making of American Trade Policy Before and After the Great War, 1900 to 1925
John A Moore
The Indo-Portuguese commerce in the 16th century - Revision of the Copper-Pepper trade and the Carreira da Índia
Torsten Arnold
Measuring Competition in Portuguese Commercial Banking during the Golden Age (1960-1973)
Luciano Amaral
The Public Relations Campaign of the Canadian Brewers during World War Two: A Case of Deep Capture?
Matthew J Bellamy
The Impact of the First World War on Swedish Economic Performance: a Case Study of the Ball Bearings Manufacturer SKF
Eric Golson, Jason Lennard
A Very Victorian School: An Economic, Social and Business History of Rossall School 1844-1900
Daniel Rossall Valentine
“Save at home by putting your spare money in the Safe.” Thrift, Saving and the role of the Post Office Savings Bank in Britain in War and Peace, 1914-1945
Mark James Crowley
Brtvín, Černobýl and Fišer: The key accounting books from the Early Modern Period in the Czech lands
Pavla Slavickova
Does Welfare Spending Crowd Out Charitable Activity? Evidence from Historical England under the Poor Laws
Paul Sharp
Factor Shares, Economic Growth, and the Industrial Revolution
Daniel Giedeman, Bradley Sturgill
“Why Did the Roosevelt Administration Think Cartels and High Wages would Promote Recovery from the Great Depression?”
Jason Taylor, Bernard C. Beaudreau
Wages in Crisis: Major League Baseball During the Great Depression
Mike Haupert, James Murray
Working-Class share dealing in 1850s Lancashire. A new source of industrial finance?
Peter Wright Hampson
Ekaterina Vladimirovna Khaustova
Ilaria Suffia
Investing in charities in the nineteenth century: the financialisation of philanthropy
Josephine Maltby, Janette Rutterford
Innovation and entrepreneurship in Britain, 19th and 20th centuries
José M. Ortiz-Villajos
Colonial American Origins of Anti-Bank Sentiment
Elton G. McGoun, Andrew Mastrocola
A history of prices in New France, 1688 to 1760
Vincent Geloso
A Norwegian fixation: Explaining Cheap Money in Norway 1945–86.
Eivind Thomassen, Einar Lie
Creative accounting in the British Industrial Revolution: Cotton manufacturers and the ‘Ten Hours’ Movement
Steven Toms
Linen in the international trade between Portugal and Russia (1770-1831)
Maria Cristina Moreira
Abolition of the British Slave Trade as a Crisis: Coping, Management and Adaptation, 1788-1815
Sheryllynne Haggerty
Did Purchasing Power Parity Hold in Medieval Europe?
Tony Moore, Adrian Bell, Chris Brooks
State ownership in Norway after 1945
Einar Lie
Title: Credit Boom and Credit Crisis in Lancashire, 1826-1850
Geoffrey Fain Williams
Business History from Marketplace Rumor: Contemporary accounts of the rise and fall of Allidina Visram’s East African retail empire, 1893-1914
Laird Jones
Company-based vocational education and training – two case-studies from the shipbuilding industry
Etsuo Yokoyama, Anders Nilsson
Luke T. Gittens
The Geography of Innovation: Patents in Early America
Elisabeth Ruth Perlman
Land prices, Banks and Entrepreneurship. Explaining intraregional divergences in industrial activity. The case of Flanders (19th – 20th century).
Nicolas De Vijlder, Koen Schoors
A Historical Examination of the Role of Politics in the development of Accounting Rules and Regulation
Michael Patrick Coyne, Janice Marie Traflet
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility: Metropolitan Water Companies Compared
Nicola Tynan, Helen Takacs
Post-Second World War Greek Economy and Taxation from a historical perspective
Zoi Pittaki
‘Back to the Failure: an Analytic Narrative of the De Lorean Debacle’
Graham Brownlow
Soaking into sand: some features about the Portuguese expenses at the dawn of the Modern Ages
Rodrigo Costa Dominguez
Expanding and extending business knowledge: civic societies, profession institutions, academia and social networks in Manchester
Victoria Barnes, Peter Wardley
The Role Of Old Believers’ Enterprises: Evidence From The Nineteenth Century Moscow Textile Industry
Vadim Kufenko, Danila Raskov
Financing California
Lynne Pierson Doti
A real buzzkill: How the Controlled Substances Act has stoned legitimate business interests from engaging in the legalized marijuana marketplace
Daniel S. Hoops
Economic experts, Norwegian exchange rate policy and the fate of the social-democratic order 1971–86
Eivind Thomassen, Christoffer Kleivset
Why was there no capitalism in Early Modern China?
Tiago Nasser Appel
Between Macro and Finance: The French Reports Market at the Outbreak of WW1
Stefano Ungaro
The Colonial Impacts on French trade patterns
Tania El Kallab
Fiscal Multipliers in Times of Crisis and Prosperity: Historical Evidence from Greece
Tadeusz Gwiazdowski, George Chouliarakis, Sophia Lazaretou
Market integration in the Ottoman Empire (1700-1840)
Pinar Ceylan
Geography, War, and Economic Development in Early Modern Europe
John R Lovett
Consequences of Abolishment of Peasants in Congress Kingdom of Poland. Institutional analysis
Piotr Korys
Challenging Cold War Embargo: Western European Industrialists and China's Dream of Self-Reliance (1957-1965)
Valeria Zanier
Financing Beer in Rotterdam during the Dutch Golden Age
Richard Yntema
Planning with the Future in ‘Site’: Debates over the Location and Student Accommodation Requirements of the London Business School, 1964-1966
Mitchell J. Larson
The Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles in a European perspective (1719-1720)
Stefano Condorelli
How did Chinese Shanxi piaohao solve the commitment problem in their long distance business? – an examination of piaohao’s management structure
Meng Wu
From Chaos to Order: National Consolidation and Sovereign Bonds in Uruguay 1890-1914
Peter Keir Brinsmead Sims
Internal Labor Markets in Large Organizations in late-19th and early-20th Century Australia and the United Kingdom
Andrew Seltzer
A Taste for Temperance: Economic and Historical Influences on Belgian and American Beer Consumption
Ranjit S Dighe, Eline Poelmans
Factors determining authors’ willingness-to-wait for editorial decisions
Eline Poelmans, Sandra Rousseau
What can prison inmates tell us about Ireland in the nineteenth century?
Christopher L. Colvin, Matthias Blum, Laura McAtackney, Eoin McLaughlin
Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: The Market for Lemons
Arcangelo Dimico, Alessia Isopi, Ola Olsson
Importing Crime? The Effect of Immigration on Crime in the United States, 1880-1930
Rowena Gray, Giovanni Peri
Violent Trends? Homicide in Ireland, 1831-1911
Eoin McLaughlin, Richard McMahon
Hollywood studios, independent producers and international markets: globalisation and the US film industry c.1950-1965
Peter Miskell, Teng Li
The Role of Film Audiences as Innovators and Risk Takers
John Sedgwick, Michael Pokorny
Equality and Convergence? Comparative Mirrors on Nordic Economies in the Long Run
Jari Eloranta, Jari Ojala, Jaakko Pehkonen
Historical Danish National Accounts, 1750-1895
Paul Sharp, Ingrid Henriksen, Peter Sandholt Jensen
Post-Malthusian Pre-industrial Finland
Miikka Voutilainen
The Virtuous Circle of Social Spending and Structural Change in the 20th Century Finland
Matti Hannikainen
A Brief History of Sears' Holdings and Its Forerunners
Mark L Gardner
Using history to anticipate future environmental challenges
Jan Kunnas
Colwyn, Control and Cotton: The Union Bank of Manchester and Barclays Bank, 1919-1939
Mark Billings
Reflections on Barclays’ History since 1996
Leslie Hannah
Valuing the Corporate Memory: The Role of the Bank Archivist
Nicholas Webb
Transatlantic Transformations: Visualising Change over Time in the Liverpool-New York Trade Network, 1763-1833
Emily Buchnea
Avoiding Negligence and Profusion: The Failure of the Joint-Stock Form in Anglo-Indian Trade, 1813-1870
Michael Aldous

EBHS 2014 Panel Proposals

Giving ‘em the Business: the Intersection of Economics and the Humanities
Erik Benson, Ranjit Dighe, Jan Kunnas