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EBHS 2014 Paper Proposals

Drink the deadliest of foes; The UK State Management Scheme 1916-74 an experiment in state sponsored virtue and moderation.
Philip Arthur Talbot
“Why Did the Roosevelt Administration Think Cartels and High Wages would Promote Recovery from the Great Depression?”
Jason Taylor, Bernard C. Beaudreau
A Norwegian fixation: Explaining Cheap Money in Norway 1945–86.
Eivind Thomassen, Einar Lie
Creative accounting in the British Industrial Revolution: Cotton manufacturers and the ‘Ten Hours’ Movement
Steven Toms
A Historical Examination of the Role of Politics in the development of Accounting Rules and Regulation
Michael Patrick Coyne, Janice Marie Traflet
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility: Metropolitan Water Companies Compared
Nicola Tynan, Helen Takacs
Economic experts, Norwegian exchange rate policy and the fate of the social-democratic order 1971–86
Eivind Thomassen, Christoffer Kleivset