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EBHS 2014 Paper Proposals

The Geography of Innovation: Patents in Early America
Elisabeth Ruth Perlman
Post-Second World War Greek Economy and Taxation from a historical perspective
Zoi Pittaki
A Taste for Temperance: Economic and Historical Influences on Belgian and American Beer Consumption
Ranjit S Dighe, Eline Poelmans
Factors determining authors’ willingness-to-wait for editorial decisions
Eline Poelmans, Sandra Rousseau
Importing Crime? The Effect of Immigration on Crime in the United States, 1880-1930
Rowena Gray, Giovanni Peri
The Role of Film Audiences as Innovators and Risk Takers
John Sedgwick, Michael Pokorny
Equality and Convergence? Comparative Mirrors on Nordic Economies in the Long Run
Jari Eloranta, Jari Ojala, Jaakko Pehkonen