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EBHS 2014 Paper Proposals

Joining the World: The United States, Europe and the Making of American Trade Policy Before and After the Great War, 1900 to 1925
John A Moore
Wages in Crisis: Major League Baseball During the Great Depression
Mike Haupert, James Murray
Investing in charities in the nineteenth century: the financialisation of philanthropy
Josephine Maltby, Janette Rutterford
Colonial American Origins of Anti-Bank Sentiment
Elton G. McGoun, Andrew Mastrocola
Linen in the international trade between Portugal and Russia (1770-1831)
Maria Cristina Moreira
Did Purchasing Power Parity Hold in Medieval Europe?
Tony Moore, Adrian Bell, Chris Brooks
What can prison inmates tell us about Ireland in the nineteenth century?
Christopher L. Colvin, Matthias Blum, Laura McAtackney, Eoin McLaughlin
Violent Trends? Homicide in Ireland, 1831-1911
Eoin McLaughlin, Richard McMahon
Hollywood studios, independent producers and international markets: globalisation and the US film industry c.1950-1965
Peter Miskell, Teng Li