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EBHS 2014 Paper Proposals

The Sons of Dragon: A Myth
Der-Yuan Yang, Chih-hsing Hung
Wages in Crisis: Major League Baseball During the Great Depression
Mike Haupert, James Murray
Working-Class share dealing in 1850s Lancashire. A new source of industrial finance?
Peter Wright Hampson
Abolition of the British Slave Trade as a Crisis: Coping, Management and Adaptation, 1788-1815
Sheryllynne Haggerty
A real buzzkill: How the Controlled Substances Act has stoned legitimate business interests from engaging in the legalized marijuana marketplace
Daniel S. Hoops
Historical Danish National Accounts, 1750-1895
Paul Sharp, Ingrid Henriksen, Peter Sandholt Jensen
The Virtuous Circle of Social Spending and Structural Change in the 20th Century Finland
Matti Hannikainen
Reflections on Barclays’ History since 1996
Leslie Hannah