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EBHS 2014 Paper Proposals

Land prices, Banks and Entrepreneurship. Explaining intraregional divergences in industrial activity. The case of Flanders (19th – 20th century).
Nicolas De Vijlder, Koen Schoors
Soaking into sand: some features about the Portuguese expenses at the dawn of the Modern Ages
Rodrigo Costa Dominguez
Financing California
Lynne Pierson Doti
A Taste for Temperance: Economic and Historical Influences on Belgian and American Beer Consumption
Ranjit S Dighe, Eline Poelmans
Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: The Market for Lemons
Arcangelo Dimico, Alessia Isopi, Ola Olsson

EBHS 2014 Panel Proposals

Giving ‘em the Business: the Intersection of Economics and the Humanities
Erik Benson, Ranjit Dighe, Jan Kunnas