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EBHS 2014 Paper Proposals

“Save at home by putting your spare money in the Safe.” Thrift, Saving and the role of the Post Office Savings Bank in Britain in War and Peace, 1914-1945
Mark James Crowley
A Historical Examination of the Role of Politics in the development of Accounting Rules and Regulation
Michael Patrick Coyne, Janice Marie Traflet
Fiscal Multipliers in Times of Crisis and Prosperity: Historical Evidence from Greece
Tadeusz Gwiazdowski, George Chouliarakis, Sophia Lazaretou
Market integration in the Ottoman Empire (1700-1840)
Pinar Ceylan
The Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles in a European perspective (1719-1720)
Stefano Condorelli
What can prison inmates tell us about Ireland in the nineteenth century?
Christopher L. Colvin, Matthias Blum, Laura McAtackney, Eoin McLaughlin