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EBHS 2014 Paper Proposals

The Stabilising Effects of the Dingley Tariff and the Recovery from the 1890s Depression in the United States
Peter H. Bent
Managing technological change in Hong Kong’s retail banking (1945-2005)
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, Andrew Smith
The Public Relations Campaign of the Canadian Brewers during World War Two: A Case of Deep Capture?
Matthew J Bellamy
“Why Did the Roosevelt Administration Think Cartels and High Wages would Promote Recovery from the Great Depression?”
Jason Taylor, Bernard C. Beaudreau
Did Purchasing Power Parity Hold in Medieval Europe?
Tony Moore, Adrian Bell, Chris Brooks
‘Back to the Failure: an Analytic Narrative of the De Lorean Debacle’
Graham Brownlow
Expanding and extending business knowledge: civic societies, profession institutions, academia and social networks in Manchester
Victoria Barnes, Peter Wardley
What can prison inmates tell us about Ireland in the nineteenth century?
Christopher L. Colvin, Matthias Blum, Laura McAtackney, Eoin McLaughlin
Colwyn, Control and Cotton: The Union Bank of Manchester and Barclays Bank, 1919-1939
Mark Billings
Transatlantic Transformations: Visualising Change over Time in the Liverpool-New York Trade Network, 1763-1833
Emily Buchnea

EBHS 2014 Panel Proposals

Giving ‘em the Business: the Intersection of Economics and the Humanities
Erik Benson, Ranjit Dighe, Jan Kunnas