Annual EBHS Conference, 39th Annual Economic and Business History Society Conference

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Transatlantic Transformations: Visualising Change over Time in the Liverpool-New York Trade Network, 1763-1833
Emily Buchnea

Last modified: 2014-05-27


In the early modern Atlantic world, trade brought communities and commodities closer together and, as a result, many merchants became linked in expansive networks of exchange. The unstable  nature of long-distance trade meant that these networks were continually being transformed. The Liverpool-New York trade network, in particular, underwent many changes between 1763 and 1833. This paper aims to demonstrate how the use of network visualisations over three distinct phases (1760-1790; 1790-1815 and 1815-1833) can elucidate these changes and provide a different approach for studying the development of this trading community. These visualisations will serve to illustrate the extent to which this network was dynamic and further our understanding of how merchant networks sustained longevity and coped with risks in the ever-changing Atlantic world. ​