Annual EBHS Conference, 39th Annual Economic and Business History Society Conference

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Factors determining authors’ willingness-to-wait for editorial decisions
Eline Poelmans, Sandra Rousseau

Last modified: 2014-05-19


In this contribution, we assess the impact of time constraints on thesubmitting author’s willingnessto wait (WTW) for a publication in a journal with specificcharacteristics (suchas the quality of the editorial board or the impact factor) in the field ofeconomic, business and financial history. In addition, we analyze how this WTW measure varieswith the characteristics of the submitting authors themselves. We distinguishthe impact of personal characteristics (including age, gender and geographiclocation) as well as work-related characteristics (including researchdiscipline, affiliation and academic position). Toidentify the factors determining economic history authors’ WTW for editorialdecisions, we use an economic valuation technique known as stated choiceexperiments. Our results show that respondents found the standing of the journal to be at least as important as its ISI impact factor. Moreover, we finddifferences in publication culture between economic and history departments. Overall,researchers’ willingness to wait is influenced to a greater extent by theresearch discipline in which the respondents are active (history versuseconomics), than by their personal characteristics (e.g. the education or thetype of PhD they obtained).